The Advantages of Kickboxing

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Kickboxing is one of the most popular contact sports today. Thousands of people all around the world get into the sport as a means of learning self-defense, to get fit as well as develop discipline. There are many other advantages that you can get by getting into kickboxing. Regardless of your current skill level and objectives, you will realize that the lessons you learn from it will last a lifetime. Also learn about the different tools and equipment that will completely hone your skills and keep you healthy and fit for life. Here is an overview.

About Kickboxing

Kickboxing is an old sport, dating back 2,000 years ago in Asia. However, it was only during the 1960s when people started to recognize the activity on a more serious note. Japanese kickboxing was among the first, followed by American kickboxing during the 1970s. Muay Thai is another version of kickboxing from Thailand and has been practiced by individuals for over a hundred years. You will appreciate much of the customs and traditions of kickboxing by watching Muay Thai fights. The matches are often precluded by traditional ceremonies and rituals as well as Thai music and other decorations. Today, there are so many dojos, gyms and organizations that focus on the sport. Kickboxing associations are also present all over the world which host tournaments.

More Details on Kickboxing

Similar to other contact and combat sports like karate, judo and mixed jiu-jitsu, kickboxing also incorporates different levels, represented by belts. Students have to work or earn their way up the ranks to hopefully reach the most coveted black belt. Each belt color will also include different levels. Upon finish the requirements in a belt level, the student will be qualified to move up to the next. Kickboxing will require fighters to wear kickboxing shorts and gloves in most occasions. Amateurs have to get full protective gear such as body armor, foot or kicking pads, hand wraps, mouthpiece, headgear and joint coverings. There are different padded accessories that will help fighters protect special regions and organs. Professionals are required to wear mouthpieces and crotch guards.

The Tools of Kickboxing

The most important equipment for kickboxing is the gloves. These have to be worn properly and need to be of the right size. Hand wraps should be worn before the gloves are placed. Look for good quality gloves that will lessen impact as well as cushion your fists. Invest in good quality gloves that weigh properly and feel good on the knuckles. The weight should be distributed evenly around the glove. Avoid cheap gloves that will only lead to injury. Other tools aside from the protective gear include bags and mitts. These are highly important during training to improve your strength, stamina and speed. You can also practice different techniques and combinations with the aid of punching bags, speed balls, punching mitts and other devices.

Kickboxing Benefits

You will notice the big benefits of kickboxing by practicing regularly for a span of 6 to 12 months. You can train 3 to 5 times a week as recommended by your coach. Notice how your technique and form improves over time.