Punching Bags - Best Bag For A Specific Technique

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Punching bags, training bags or boxing bags are training tools that are specifically designed to improve the different strikes that fighters can do.

There are different types available, depending on the approaches and techniques that you still need to master. When first starting out, punching bags will already be included in your training regimen. Spending a lot of time on various types of bags will lead to a variety of advantages in terms of conditioning, style and even fitness. Below are the bags to choose from and their uses.

The Type of Fighter and Punching Bags

The bags you need to practice on will depend on your style of fighting. In the sport of boxing, coaches usually refer to three types of fighters. Each type will be characterized by the way they approach their opponent and how they employ the different techniques and methods. The first type to use punching bags is the brawler. The brawler is known to be very straightforward in his approach and is well-known to throw very powerful punches that will generally knockout the opponent.

Opponents need to watch out for their single powerful blows that can end the fight in an instant. Brawlers usually focus on their strength and power. However, they usually sacrifice speed as they generate such brute force. To balance the disadvantage, they train to have the proper conditioning that allows them to absorb opponents’ strikes well.

More Punching Bags for the Fighting Style

The second type of fighter that works on punching bags is the inside fighter. Boxers who have this style usually stay close to the opponent. The boxer will use a combination of punches that focus on both the head and body of the opponent until he can find the right opening to knock the other fighter out.

Bags will be useful in incorporating the different combinations and strategic power punches. The outside fighter is the least common among the three types. Many outside fighters are not known for throwing very powerful punches. They usually try to wear their opponent out by constantly moving around and dodging punches. They will hit the opponent in very strategic ways that will eventually score them more points in the end. Outside fighters use punching bags to improve their stance, endurance and speed.

The Punching Bags for the Specific Boxer

Brawlers often spend a lot of time practicing on heavy bags because these items can take a lot of damage and force without giving in or tearing. Most brawlers belong to the heavyweight class and will need bags that weigh as much as 200 to 250 lbs. The goal is to strengthen their arms and shoulders so that they can generate enough force to knockout their opponent even in the first round. The technique employed will focus on the power of the strike instead of the speed or use of combinations. Inside fighters will use both the heavy bag and speed bag for power and coordination.

Many inside fighters also like to use the standing bag because it resembles a real opponent. They can practice a variety of punches including hooks, jabs and uppercuts as well as work on their footwork and clinch situations. Outside fighters work on speed balls, double-ended balls and the standing bag as they need to constantly move and improve their speed and footwork. These bags are intended to boost conditioning and endurance. Outside fighters will also learn how to evade and dodge attacks using these bags.

Getting the Right Punching Bags

Before you get any type of punching bag, make sure that you have been training for several months so that you can identify your own fighting style and get the right punching bags for the job. There are so many types and forms to choose from. Check the inner and outer part of the bags to guarantee that these are ideal to your style of fighting and preferences.

Consider the features and material used. These have to be well-constructed, consisting of the proper materials that will last long against heavy punishment and very powerful strikes. The swaying, rocking or bouncing motion of the punching bags must also be ideal to your style of fighting. Practice with all types of punching bags first then determine which ones you’d like to invest in.