Kids Boxing Gloves - Buying Guide for Parents

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Many individuals will agree that starting boxing at a young age will have several benefits, which is why kids boxing gloves will come in very handy. From the moment your child starts showing interest in the sport, it’s important to equip him with the right tools for training. Some parents like to envision their child winning competitions and tournaments, while others simply get kids boxing gloves to encourage their young ones to get fit and healthy. Boxing is one of the most fun and exciting activities between parents and children.

Kids Boxing Gloves: Starting Early

There are kids boxing gloves available for children as young as 3 years old. The objective is to familiarize your child with the different tools and equipment to get stronger and better. Other products might also come in handy such as protective headgear, hand and foot wraps, boxing shorts, boxing shoes and a mouthpiece.

If your child is 3 to 5 years old, it’s best to show him pictures and videos of boxers to get them acquainted with the sport and present how the kids boxing gloves should be worn. There are boxing gloves intended for children from the age of 3 to 6 years, weighing only 6 ounces. The size and weight of the gloves increase according to the age and estimated size of children within the age range. There are also kids boxing gloves for 6 to 8 years of age and gloves for kids 8 to 12 years of age. Gloves for teenagers are also available.

Kids Boxing Gloves: A Brief Description

Kids boxing gloves are generally the same as adult or professional boxing gloves. These are padded with foam or gel and covered with synthetic leather, leather or vinyl on the outside. The gloves feature heavy duty constructionand stitching

to prevent these from ripping and tearing. The shape and form are generally the same as standard adult gloves. Majority of kids gloves, however, feature the Velcro wrist strap to make it easier for them to remove and wear. There are several brands to choose from, offering top quality materials and heavy duty engineering.

Have your kids select the right design and color that they feel most comfortable with. If you’re getting children’s gloves for the first time, coaches recommend that you get a decent quality pair that will last for several months. Getting the cheapest kind that cost less than $15 will usually tear easily or can even cause injury to the hands.

Kids Boxing Gloves: Trying These on For Size

Parents should always assist their children when picking kids boxing gloves. Children will usually go for the ones with the most attractive designs and patterns.

Keep in mind that safety and comfort are your primary concerns. These can be achieved with the proper fit, size and weight. The size of the glove does not correspond to the weight. Choose the weight of the glove first then let your child try these on. The weight of the gloves will range from 6 to 20 ounces. Children 10 years and under will do well using 6 to 8 ounces.

Next, select the size according to how the glove fits. Have your child actually put the gloves on. The glove should comfortably cover the fists. It should be snug but allow some movement and never loose to avoid injury. Ideally, there should be enough room around the hands since kids will also be putting on hand wraps before wearing the gloves. Boxing gloves are usually categorized as small, medium and large. Some manufacturers have a special category focusing particularly on kids.

Kids Boxing Gloves: Tips for Parents

When getting kids boxing gloves, remember that the gloves will stretch after several uses. Brand new gloves will feel tighter and have to be broken in. This means that you should not purchase gloves that are too loose. Having too much space for the hands and wrists to move around in will increase the risk for injury. Children should also be introduced to hand wraps.

Parents and kids have to learn the proper way of applying the wraps. There are videos and instruction guides on the internet or the trainer or coach can help. Never let your child train without putting on the hand wraps first before the gloves. Some parents get two pairs for their children. The training gloves are usually heavier by 2 ounces and are intended for frequent training session. The second pair is usually saved for sparring matches and actual competitions. Wearing lighter gloves during matches will increase speed and power.

When Buying Kids Boxing Gloves

There are several places where you can purchase kids boxing gloves at a budget, without compromising quality and make. A decent pair of gloves for children will cost around $30 to $45. There are a number of proven and popular brands available. These will usually cost $50 to $80 but include the best materials and construction.

Avoid buying gloves that are too cheap or you risk getting your child injured. These usually use low-quality foam and leather. The stitching and inner construction may not be as good. Good quality gloves can last 1 to 2 years and will not tear or rip easily. Getting two pairs of gloves then using these alternately will increase the overall lifespan of the material. However, think of getting a second pair only after the child has progressed in training and showing signs of long term interest in the sport.

Search a number of places for kids boxing gloves like official manufacturers or glove companies on the internet. Visit sporting goods stores and boxing gyms then have your child put on a few pairs until you both find the right fit and type. It may also be good to have your child rent or borrow gloves during the first few training sessions then have his coach recommend the right size and weight.

The right glove is weighted in front, so you get additional padding and protection. Gloves that are weighted in the wrist area are not as effective in providing protection. Color and design will not matter much although it can be a factor in maintaining focus and concentration during training and actual fights.