Kickboxing Shorts - Tips for Beginners

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There are a number of kickboxing products that you can never do without such as kickboxing shorts. These are considered a staple whether you’re training or in actual fights.

The shorts are available in a wide array of styles, materials and types, depending on the fighting style of the person, his size and personal preference. These can also be availed in many places on the internet and in specialty shops and gyms. You don’t have to purchase the most expensive one to improve in your skill and level. Here are some tips for starters.

Getting to Know Kickboxing Shorts

Kickboxing shorts look very much like any ordinary pair of shorts, except that these have a number of features that will make fighters more efficient in their style.

The material is generally made of silk satin which is highly durable and tough, keeping the fabric from ripping or tearing when getting rubbed, hit or scratched. Many shorts are built to last since the material should be expected to take on a lot of damage during sparring, drills and actual matches. The length of the shorts will differ depending on the user. There are corresponding sizes available based on the weight and height of the user.

The waist band is held by an elastic drawstring measuring about four inches to properly let opponents distinguish the prohibited areas. The shorts will also have one slit on each side, measuring anywhere between 4 and 6 inches.

These slits allow the legs to move out comfortably when the person is kicking or doing knee strikes. The kickboxing shorts should also be properly made so that the fighter can move easily across the ring. It should be snug enough to protect the groin and should not easily fall when being tugged or when taking hits.

Kickboxing Shorts: Regarding Design

Kickboxing shorts are primarily functional because these serve to improve the movement and efficiency of the kickboxer during training and fights. However, individuals will find it fun and exciting to choose the right style and color that will reflect their own personality and style. The shorts are generally available in all colors like black, gold, red, blue, green, white, gray, silver, purple, orange, etc.

There are also beautifully designed shorts that feature attractive patterns and color combinations. You will find shorts that feature designs like snake-skin patterns, flames, Japanese characters, landscapes, Thai symbols and even cartoon characters.

Everything will depend on the personal preference of the fighter. Some people like to have customized designs and even add logos and prints depicting their specific kickboxing gym, sponsors and other things for good luck. The price of the shorts will depend on the intricacy of the design and the brand. Customizing the shorts will usually equate to higher cost.

How to Look for the Right Kickboxing Shorts

When searching for the ideal kickboxing shorts, it’s best to check a number of styles and designs from a number of known brands. Try these on and observe how the material feels on the waist, thighs and groin. The shorts should be snug at the waist and properly cover the groin area. Try jumping or doing the different defensive positions then check if the shorts are not loose.

Also check the slits and length. Try kicking, doing knee strikes and doing leg blocks with the shorts on. The fabric should also be checked to ensure that you’re not allergic to it. Some people need to get other types of material due to sensitivity issues. Next, check the color and design. It’s best to find a design that reflects your own personality. Many fighters usually stick to one or two colors only. Experts recommend having at least two pairs of kickboxing shorts.

The Price of Kickboxing Shorts

Generally, the price of kickboxing shorts will depend on the kind of material used, the manufacturer or brand and the customizations made. Getting bigger sizes will not usually equate to bigger cost. Many individuals will find good quality kickboxing shorts for only $20 to $30.

However, they should refrain from getting very cheap ones at $10 or less or they risk getting poor quality material that will easily rip and tear after a few sessions and sparring matches. The expensive kinds are usually built to last. These can range from $40 to $80 and will feature a number of things that will increase durability and strength of the material. Aside from these, the pattern and designs of the expensive shorts are also more unique.

Looking for the Right Source for Kickboxing Shorts

Experts and coaches always recommend trainees to read more about the background and history of kickboxing shorts manufacturers since there are a number to choose from. Some people do not do their research carefully and end up getting poor quality material at a very high price. Focus on comfort, protection, efficiency and aesthetics when buying.

Many realize that investing in a rather pricey pair will be more worthwhile compared to getting the cheapest they can find and then having to replace these only after a few short weeks. You can also get some tips from advanced kickboxers or have instructors recommend the best type and brand to get.

Tips When Buying Kickboxing Shorts from the Internet

If you’re buying kickboxing shorts online, make sure that you’re only getting from reputable sources recommended by people who have also ordered before. Getting from top sellers and manufacturers will guarantee that you get the right quality and product every time that’s right for your budget. Some of these sellers will be more than willing to provide you with a warranty or can replace the product if you have to get a different size. Others will provide small discounts if you’re buying more than one pair.

Get to know the shipping details and other related fees. In most cases, shipping will only take anywhere between 3 and 7 days depending on your current location. Some people like to order straight from Thailand or order from a number of world-renowned gyms. This can be more expensive although the item does hold a lot of sentimental value for the fighter.