Kickboxing Shoes - How To Buy Them

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Kickboxing shoes are among the basic apparel you can invest in when getting started with the sport.

Similar to several activities and sports, safety should be your primary concern to avoid injury and quickly improve in terms of skill and prowess. The same goes for kickboxing shoes because these will greatly help individuals improve and also avoid the common pitfalls that come with lack of experience and training. There are different brands to choose from and a number of types to be familiar with. Here are some tips.

Wearing Kickboxing Shoes

Since kickboxing is known as a contact sport, it’s also important to wear the right kind of protective gear that will maintain proper form and prevent injury. There are several times to add to your personal fighting or sparring attire, such as protective headgear, mouth piece, gloves, wraps and kickboxing shoes.

The shoes are intended to keep the kickboxer from slipping. It is engineered and designed to maintain the proper position of the foot during strikes and impact, as well as offer high traction to keep the fighter from slipping or falling when moving or shifting. Cross-training shoes are used by many beginners until they can find shoes that are specifically made for kickboxing. The best shoes will provide breathability, adequate movement and flexibility.

The Two Kinds of Kickboxing Shoes

There are two general types of kickboxing shoes: the sparring or training pair and the professional pair. The sparring or training shoes are characterized by its low cut design, rubber soles, flexible neoprene material and snug and easy fit free of laces. The rubber sole is usually non-marking and there’s a pivot point at the front that allows excellent rotation and grip. There are different brands available, each offering a variety of colors and styles. The kickboxing shoes cost anywhere between $40 and $100. These are great for training when kicking heavy bags, strike bags and pads. There should also be adequate cushioning to keep the feet comfortable.

The second type of kickboxing shoes is the professional pair which is generally made of top quality leather. The shoes are ideal for full contact kickboxing. These feature a high cut design, rubber soles and Velcro and elastic straps that make the shoes very easy to wear but at the same time snug and comfortable.

The front part of the shoes has some padding to reduce impact. The design allows the fighter to properly flex and position the foot at the point of impact, thereby preventing sprains and other related injuries. The shoes are available in different colors and brands. Each pair averages $60 to $100.

The Dipped Foam Kickboxing Shoes or Boots

The dipped foam kickboxing shoes have a very unique look which offers adequate ventilation, maximum impact absorption and comfort. There are three open spaces available, with the last one being the area where the foot goes through.

The entire upper portion and sides of the shoes are completely padded. The bottom features rubber soles. These are generally lightweight and are very useful for amateurs and sparring competitions. Fighters like the idea of reducing impact even if they exert a lot of effort in the kick. A lot of training schools recommend these to maintain safety at all times. Children and those who are new to kickboxing should try these.

Things to Consider When Getting Kickboxing Shoes

When getting kickboxing shoes, it’s important to look for the top characteristics that will maintain proper form and technique and protection at the same time. Support is the first trait to look for.

Aim for shoes that provide great lateral support since side-to-side motion is common during sparring matches. The foot and ankle should also be properly supported so that the ankle and foot does not roll. Sprains and joint problems can keep you out of training for several weeks. It is also highly recommended to use foot and ankle wraps before wearing the shoes to ensure proper support and stability. Have a coach teach you the proper way of applying the wraps.

Cushioning is the second trait to look for in kickboxing shoes. It’s important for the shoes to have adequate cushioning which will maintain comfort and minimize pressure and pain whenever you kick. The cushion should be adequate at the top of the foot, at the tip of the toes and at the heels.

There are some designs that feature removal foot bed liners so you can make use of customized support and extra cushioning. Finally, check the fit of the shoes. These should be snug but not too tight. The kickboxing shoes should allow you to move comfortably and quickly regain position.

Tips When Fitting Kickboxing Shoes

Always take time to compare and try a number of kickboxing shoes before you purchase. It’s important to aim for products that are affordable but are also of high quality. There are different brands to choose from Cimac, Adidas, Blitz, Ringstar, Macho Dyna and many more.

Each of these brands has special qualities that they’re known for. You need to try on a few pairs then try moving with these. Take on the different defensive positions and also try kicking with the shoes on. Observe how your feet feel when using a variety of kicks and strikes. Determine how snug the material is at the top of the foot, at the ankle, at the ball of the foot and at the heel. If the shop allows, you can try kicking a punching bag with the shoes on to truly have an idea. Compare the prices of products as well.

When purchasing from the internet, ensure that the source is reliable and offer authentic products. You should be provided with a lot of choices. Never compromise on the size or fit to stay safe and quickly improve in your style and form.

Determine how much you need to add for shipping and taxes. Also determine how soon you can have the products delivered. There are now several online sellers in the United States that offer free shipping depending on the product you’re getting. Get the latest information on upcoming products and see how well the new characteristics suit your personal fighting style.