Kickboxing Gloves for Women

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Kickboxing is a sport that both men and women can enjoy regardless of age. This is why you will also find a lot of kickboxing gloves specifically made for women, complete in a wide array of sizes, weights and styles.

There is generally no difference between kickboxing gloves for women and kickboxing gloves for men. You have to focus on a number of features and aspects to guarantee that the sport stays enjoyable, beneficial and safe at all times. Here are some steps on how the ladies can get the best pair at the best price.

Overview of Women’s Kickboxing Gloves

Female kickboxing gloves will generally look and feel the same as men’s gloves, except that these are relatively smaller and contain fewer pads compared to the opposite version. Women’s hands are generally smaller and they relatively throw lighter punches, so the right gloves have also been designed to properly give them the right fit and ultimate comfort.

There are also women who are very strong and powerful, throwing hard punches. The quality of the punch and strikes will depend on the physical attributes of the person, her current skill and level and weight class. Gloves for women are categorized according to size and weight. The weight, however, does not usually correspond to size. There are small or medium gloves that weigh more. Most women will do well with 6 to 10-ounce gloves.

Kickboxing Gloves: Protection and Padding

Kickboxing gloves are always required among fighters because these offer protection to both fighters. The aggressive fighter will protect his hands from sprains, bruises and cuts, while the defending fighter will also absorb less impact from punches and strikes. The protective padding is located within the gloves. Majority of models will feature either gel or traditional foam pads inside the gloves. The outer portion of the gloves will be covered with synthetic or authentic leather. This special construction secures all the elements in place so that boxers can render very effective blows without causing very serious or lethal damage.

Considering that you are still a beginner or are training for recreational purposes, wearing gloves will make the sport very fun and exciting. Even competitive and professional boxers should always check the padding of the kickboxing gloves to protect their knuckles and fingers as well as minimize the damage they can cause opponents.

Describing Kickboxing Gloves for Females

Women’s kickboxing gloves have to be properly reviewed and assessed before you purchase. There are virtually hundreds of gloves to choose from so it’s best to get complete details about these to ensure that you are getting the right one according to your style, weight class and skill level.

Many individuals make the mistake of getting the most expensive or cheapest pair available. Getting very expensive gloves might offer you top quality material and excellent construction but you might discover that there are more affordable models that offer the same quality.

There are gloves that are priced high because of its popular brand. Choose a decent brand that will offer excellent function and durability at the same time. Women who purchase very cheap gloves will also be prone to developing injuries and problems because these are not usually well-made. The position of the fists can be compromised, putting the person at risk for sprains and cuts from inside the gloves.

Comparing Women’s and Kid’s Kickboxing Gloves

People often wonder if there is any difference between female kickboxing gloves and children’s gloves. Generally, children’s gloves are smaller than women’s gloves and can weigh as light as 4 ounces. Kid’s gloves are generally categorized according to the age of the user, while women’s gloves will depend on the weight class and size of the fighter. It is not uncommon to find a lot of similarities between women’s gloves and teenager’s gloves for men. At this point, the size of a woman’s hands may almost be the same as a young male’s hands. The closure for both groups is usually Velcro-style for added convenient and comfort. The designs will be geared towards the target market too.

Women’s kickboxing gloves can come in pink, yellow, purple, maroon, white or a combination of the tones that women usually go for. There are also several attractive patterns specifically for women such as stars, beach designs, tribal patterns and famous cartoon characters. If the female boxer is a child or teenager, you need to recommend gloves that are right for her age. Have her pick from two or three models. It is highly advised to have the person wear the gloves to check the fit and comfort.

Buying Kickboxing Gloves for Women

The cost of women’s kickboxing gloves will usually be slightly less compared to the men’s because these are lighter, smaller and use fewer materials. However, there are also heavy duty gloves intended for very strong and heavy women. These are almost the same as male gloves and the only thing that can let you distinguish between the two is the design.

Women’s gloves can also be categorized as either training or professional gloves. The professional type will put most of the padding at the front of the gloves and the closure style at the wrists features lace-ups. This provides added stability and will help the fighter improve in terms of form, technique and style.

The cost of kickboxing gloves for women can range from $40 to $80. You can get the top quality ones at $120 to $150. There are several brands to choose from. It’s best to have your trainer recommend a pair based on his honest and objective observations of your techniques and style of fighting. It’s equally important to look for the right hand wraps that will position your hands well inside the gloves.

There are different top quality hand wraps that cost less than $20 a pack. A pack contains 2 or 3 pairs and will be ideal for trainees who go to the gym 3 to 5 times each week. Read a variety of product reviews and comparisons on the internet so you have an idea on the best kinds and types to get.