Kickboxing Gloves - How to Get a Pair

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kickboxing glovesKickboxing has greatly increased in popularity as evidenced by the growth of several gyms, clubs and tournaments all around the world. Regardless of the kind of kickboxing you’re involved in, you will always need to invest in a good pair of kickboxing gloves. There are different types of gloves to use. There are kickboxing gloves for training, sparring and actual tournaments. Beginners will do well with training gloves to improve their strikes.

Kickboxing Gloves: Determine Your Needs First

First of all, find out which stage of training you’re currently in to determine the best type of gloves to get. There are gloves intended to improve strength and conditioning. Bag gloves are actually used to improve the power of your punches. These have enough padding at the surface or front area so you can conveniently practice with bags and mitts.

There are also gloves for sparring purposes. These are not as heavy as bag gloves but will still feature enough padding to minimize the impact and force of punches. Tournament or professional kickboxing gloves are very efficient and will be ideal for advanced fighters who can delivery very efficient and powerful punches. The advanced type is very light and will require sufficient training first before you can take advantage of these.

Trying on the Kickboxing Gloves

Visit a number of sporting goods stores and gyms to try what best fits you. These should be comfortable on your hands. Try to close and open your hands while inside the gloves and observe how these feel. You should have enough space to move your hands around in.

The fit should be snug and secure at the same time. The wrist closure can be laced, strapped or Velcro-type. The Velcro style is the most easy and convenient to use since you do not need another person to tie this for you. The gloves will eventually get loose after a few weeks of use, so it’s ideal to get snug and fit gloves compared to loose ones to avoid injury.

Comparing Prices of Kickboxing Gloves

Kickboxing gloves will also be available in a wide array of prices. The most affordable ones are the sparring and bag gloves. These are just under $50 and will provide individuals with the right quality and material to stay protected against common injuries that others sustain in their hands and wrists. Visit a number of online stores then find out more about the lowest prices. Determine the best ones that will matter most to your style of fighting. If you’re planning to buy on the internet, also determine other possible fees like shipping and taxes especially if you’re getting the gloves from other countries.

Practicing Techniques with Kickboxing Gloves

The coach or trainer will have a series of programs intended to hone the skills and techniques of fighters. It’s important to consider these carefully when choosing gloves. Have your coach recommend a number of types and brands based on your current regimen. Try doing some punches in the air with the gloves on. Beginners only need a single pair of kickboxing gloves until they get better after 6 to 12 months of training. Intermediate trainees might like to add a second pair. Advanced kickboxers have 2 or more pairs depending on the type of training they’re in.