Kickboxing Gear - Getting Started

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kickboxing gearWhen investing on kickboxing gear for the first time, it’s essential to get the basic items first. You can add more equipment and upgrade the available tools and materials as you improve in your skill and level.

Beginners should aim to get high quality kickboxing gear from the beginning since these will last for several months. The best quality products will also enhance form and technique while preventing injury. There are several brands and sources to choose from depending on your personal preference, style and budget.

Basic Kickboxing Gear for Starters

Beginners must initially invest in good quality kickboxing shorts and gloves. A good pair of kickboxing shorts will last a few years. Try to get authentic classic Muay Thai shorts that are made of 100% Thai silk satin. You can order these kickboxing gear straight from Thailand although there are also several distributors and retailers online that can make the process a lot easier. The shorts will be ideal for both training and actual fights.

The size and length of the shorts will depend on the height and size of the kickboxer so it is ideal to determine the perfect fit that will not hinder your form and strikes. The designs will also vary depending on the manufacturer. There are special patterns, images and logos available on various shorts so feel free to choose from a wide array of designs.

Kickboxing gear for starters will also always include gloves. The boxing gloves are generally the same as the ones used in the sport of boxing. These are available in different sizes and weights. You can pick 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 ounces and from different colors and designs.

There are a number of well-known kickboxing gear brands in the market like Twins, Everlast and Raja Boxing. The gloves are padded using foam or gel. Most experts also recommend the classic leather gloves with the Velcro strap fasteners for beginners. You will also need hand wraps before putting on the gloves. Learn how to apply the hand wraps the proper way.

Kickboxing Gear for Protection

Hand wraps and other guards for the shins, elbows, ankles and feet are available to protect the kickboxer from sprains and injury. Look for good quality hand wraps that are made of 100% cotton. These will include thumb loops and hooks to properly secure the wraps in place.

There are sets and kits that include 2 to 6 pieces. Kickboxing gear for protecting other body parts used for striking should also be comfortable and of good quality, such as the shin guards, elbow guards, ankle wraps and feet wraps. These should feel snug and help stabilize the joints. The material used is usually elastic textile which fits fighters of all sizes.

Some people like to wear ankle and shin protectors that have extra padding. These kickboxing gear are great for practice and amateur fights to provide extra support to the ankles or shins. Find the right material that features elastic textile with poly-cotton fabric for the right thickness.

Kickboxing Gear: Head Protection

There are a couple of protective kickboxing gear specifically for the head and mouth, namely the protective headgear and mouthpiece. The head gear is usually made of foam or polyurethane material that absorbs shocks in fights and sparring matches. There are great designs that will absorb sweat excellently too as well as keep the head cool and vision clear.

Try wearing different head protective devices first then determine how these feel on the forehead, ears and neck. These are also available in different sizes and colors. The mouthpiece is considered an essential item to protect the person’s teeth, gums and tongue during kickboxing matches. Make sure that the mouthpiece fits well in your mouth. Try to look for the latex-free kind.

Kickboxing Gear: Mitts and Shields

Once you’ve completed all the basic materials, you may want to add more to your arsenal which will improve your overall conditioning and technique. Mitts and shields are used by trainers and coaches to improve the efficiency of strikes among fighters. You can get a few sets depending on the technique you intend to master.

Focus mitts are basic items that will help improve your style in punching and elbow strikes. These are also very useful when trying a number of combinations and learning how to evade from incoming attacks via the opponents fists. Kicking shields are ideal for individuals who wish to improve their form and power in kicking and knee strikes. These come in a variety of shapes, forms and sizes depending on the brand.

To properly use the mitts and shields, you will need another person to hold these for you. It requires an experienced fighter or coach to use the mitts properly when doing combinations or learning how to evade attacks.

Buying Kickboxing Gear

Since there is a lot of kickboxing gear to choose from, you should take some time to consider all the available options and brands. Personally try and wear the gloves, shorts, headgear and other items to ensure that you get the proper fit. These should feel comfortable and allow you to move well.

Amateurs and beginners will need to invest in protective devices to avoid injury and increase their strength over time. Amateur contests and sparring sessions will allow the use of these protective agents for the benefit of both fights. As you progress, you can upgrade to top quality materials and products.

Check the prices of kickboxing gear as well. For kickboxing shorts, these usually range anywhere from $20 to $80 depending on the materials used. Good quality kickboxing gloves will cost $50 to $100. Hand wraps, ankle support, shin guards, elbow guards and feet wraps are generally cheap, costing no more than $10 a pair. The headgear will range between $40 and $80, while the mouth guard will cost no more than $20.

Compare the prices of products carefully before you buy. If you wish to purchase online, be sure that you have tried the item personally at designated sports shops so that you get the ideal fit and know the proper size. Only purchase from reliable sources that offer authentic and top quality items.