Kickboxing Equipment - Preparing Your Kid to Be a Champion

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kickboxing equipmentWhether it was your or your kid’s idea to get into the sport, kickboxing equipment will always be a necessity during the first few sessions up to the day of the actual competition.

There are several brands and products that particularly cater to young fighters and trainees. Kickboxing equipment for kids are available in a wide array of types, styles and dimensions. Each of these will have a specific function that will protect your kid, as well as improve different aspects of the game like defense, offense, stance, movement and conditioning.

Kickboxing Equipment: First Things to Get

Before you start searching for the right kickboxing equipment, browse a number of websites and specialty shops. Also visit a number of gyms and training sessions for kids. Make sure you bring your child along so he can get more interested in the sport.

After watching a few times, you will notice that there are a number of basic items to get for the first training sessions. These are namely hand wraps, kickboxing gloves and kickboxing shorts or kimono. Depending on the club or gym where your kid is enrolled, the kickboxing attire will generally be indicated by the coach or trainer.

Some kids can wear a t-shirt and kickboxing shorts during the first few days. Many gyms and clubs will require students to wear the same uniform which will take a few days to complete. Have your child measured for the kimono or look for the right pair of kickboxing shorts at designated shops or the internet.

As for other kickboxing equipment like gloves and hand wraps, there are many available at sporting goods stores. There are special designs intended for young children. These may be arranged according to the age of the user, size or weight. Many kids 10 years old and below are suggested to wear 6-ounce kickboxing gloves. Hand wraps are a must to protect the hands.

Protective Kickboxing Equipment for Kids

Parents must always make it a point to ensure protection and safety for their young fighters at all times. These can be achieved by getting the right kickboxing equipment especially if your child is scheduled for future sparring matches or actual fights in the ring. Get protective headgear, mouthpiece, crotch guard or cup, kickboxing shoes and body armor.

Children are usually advised to wear body armor and other protective items to cover different parts of their body to minimize impact and avoid injury. All of these are padded with foam or gel to reduce the force of strikes and punches from opponents. Both fighters are required to have all these items first before they can get into the ring. They will also be instructed on the proper ways of wearing the equipment and which areas of the body are prohibited.

Kickboxing Equipment for Kids: Improving Conditioning and Endurance

Parents will also find a variety of special kickboxing equipment for kids that will hone technique and conditioning more such as punching bags, practice mitts, shields and pads. There are smaller variations available for kids to practice with friends. These are padded well to absorb shock and impact from different punches, kicks and strikes.

Punching bags are very helpful for children and will allow them to train more at home. Parents can learn a few drills and exercises by talking to the instructor or watching videos on the internet. They can add a few extra hours each week practicing with their children. It will also be a great bonding activity between parents and children.
The Dipped Foam Kickboxing Equipment

Dipped foam is a special engineered material that is also very effective in absorbing shocks. The interior is cushioned and padded to protect the body part that it is covering. The exterior features the dipped foam which is relatively harder and more solid compared to padded material.

Many boxing equipment feature dipped foam such as protective head gear, sparring shoes, gloves, shin and forearm guards, body armor and boots. Some gyms prefer these for fighters 8 to 12 years old. There are also several competitions and tournaments that prefer these materials over the standard foam devices. These are generally lightweight and are just as effective in reducing the impact of strikes and blows.

Buying Kids’ Kickboxing Equipment

Kickboxing equipment for kids is generally more affordable compared to standard or adult gear because these are relatively smaller and use fewer materials. You will find several top quality manufacturers and companies offering the best products that will boost your child’s technique, form and power in just a few weeks. These items will also last for a few years.

Some items will have to be replaced after several months such as hand wraps especially if your child is training 5 times or more each week. Many of these items can be bought at an average price of $50 each. The minor accessories like wraps, mouthpiece and crotch guard are cheaper, costing around $15 only. Refrain from buying very cheap materials and products since these tend to rip and tear easily. Rely on the top known brands since these manufacturers are dedicated to making excellent products that ensure safety at all times.

Choosing Styles for Kickboxing Equipment for Kids

Have your child browse a few magazines or websites when searching for kickboxing equipment. It’s important to guide him throughout the process especially when looking for the right fit. Comfort and fit should be your top priorities especially when it comes to gloves, shoes, shorts and headgear.

As for style, let your child pick from various products and encourage him to express himself more by choosing colors and patterns that he likes best. There are so many items to choose from especially on the internet. You might also have a large sporting goods store in the area that offers a wide array of styles, sizes and types.

Always start with the basic kickboxing equipment first then gradually move on to more sophisticated types depending on the interest and skill level of your child. These items will not guarantee a future champion but will pave the way and help your child reach his goals.