Fight Gear - What You Should Get

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If you’re involved in mixed martial arts or MMA, kickboxing or Muay Thai or boxing, it is important to invest in the right fight gear.

There are virtually so many products available from some of the top brands and manufacturers around the world. These mainly serve to offer protection and keep the sport as safe and enjoyable as possible, regardless of the level of the fighters. Having the right fight gear will also make you feel good about yourself and help in the continuous improvement of your fighting style and techniques. Here are tips.

The Basic Fight Gear

People invest in various fighting gear based on their current skill level, interest and style. Generally, you need to invest in the most basic ones first to have a more convenient start and also stay prepared for basic training.

As you progress, you can get more items to improve your skill and fighting style. Some of the basic fight gear includes boxing gloves, kickboxing or boxing shorts, protective headgear, hand and foot wraps, mouthpiece, crotch guard or cup, shin guards, foot pads or kickboxing shoes and sleeves to protect the knees, ankles and elbows.

The kind of gear to use will depend on the fighter although there are staple ones such as the gloves and shorts. Some clubs and gyms will require trainees to have the same accessories and items for training and during sparring matches.

More Fight Gear

As you get better in training or have significantly improved in actual sparring sessions and matches, it may be time to get more fight gear. Fight gear will also cover items for training to improve the strength and efficiency of punches, kicks and strikes.

There are punching bags, speed balls, focus mitts, shields and training pads that let people train and practice the different techniques. These are also essential in teaching the fighter the various evasive and defensive techniques. Punching bags are basic materials that do not need another person’s assistance.

Mitts, shields and pads will require a second person to assist during training sessions. These vary in size, shape and quality. Find out more about the construction and make of each to ensure that you end up with the best products worthy of your investment.

Classes of Fight Gear

Fight gear is generally grouped according to the relative function and type. There are five known groups namely gloves, fight attire, protective gear, bags or pads and accessories. The gloves are a staple in contact sports. The fight attires refer to the fighter’s required uniform during matches such as a kimono or boxing shorts.

Protective gear refers to all devices that will protect vital areas of the body such as the head, crotch and mouth. Bags or pads are training tools that enhance form, technique and skill. Accessories are other items that are related to training and actual matches. These are usually optional in nature such as training CDs, martial arts books and decorative bands among Muay Thai fighters.

In some cases, fight gear is also distinguished for men’s, women’s or children’s use. The sizes and designs of each will differ according to the fighter. There are a number of stores and websites that specifically cater to each group. You will find some of the best products at very affordable prices online.

Get tips and suggestions from individuals who have purchased from certain websites. You might also like to get good quality products from the very beginning since these will last long enough until you progress to the intermediate or advanced stage.

Fight Gear: During Sparring Sessions and Actual Fights

Many organizations and gyms will have their own set of rules as to the allowed fight gear to use during sparring sessions and actual competitions. Beginners, children and amateurs are usually required to wear protective headgear, gloves, hand wraps and foot wraps, kickboxing shoes or padded shoes, a mouth guard, shin guards and crotch cups or guards. It is up to the fighters if they wish to wear supportive or protective sleeves over their knees, elbows or forearms.

All these items are generally inspected by the coach or trainer before the match begins. Advanced and professional fighters usually do not wear the protective headgear, fight shoes and joint protective devices. They are, however, required to wear the gloves, mouth piece and shorts at all times.

Fight Gear Options: Choosing the Brand and Style

There are basically a lot of fight gear manufacturers, stores and brands to choose from. When you visit a specialty kickboxing or boxing shop or sporting goods store, you will notice a number of popular brands available. The cost will differ depending on the material, construction, type and design. For example, you can get a decent pair of boxing gloves for $40 to $60 only. Fight shorts will cost around $25 only.

The protective headgear averages $40 to $80. The mouth guard is less than $20. Fighting shoes range from $30 to $60. The straps, sleeves and supports are usually around $10 to $20 and are sold in packs of 2 or 3. Pads, punching bags, mitts, shields and balls are usually expensive, costing around $75 to $200 depending on the size, brand and type.

Getting the Right Fight Gear

There are plenty of places where you can get good quality fight gear. Generally, these are available in gyms, training schools, sporting goods stores and hobby shops. You can also get great products on the internet, although it is recommended that you try the actual product first to know the best size and type to get. Buying fight gear online actually renders several benefits, such as low cost, convenience and fast shipping. Shipping is usually charged to the buyer.

Also ask about additional fees, discounts and how long you should expect these to arrive. Read product reviews and comparisons by visiting the official websites. It’s also recommended to join a number of online forums or read blogs to know all the details regarding a specific product. Some companies and manufacturers are known for being experts in making certain fight gear like punching bags, gloves or shorts.