Boxing Gloves - The Various Kinds

The boxing glove is the single most vital equipment you will ever have when involved in sports like boxing, kickboxing, MMA or mixed martial arts or karate.

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There are actually different types of boxing gloves available depending on the sport you’re in and current skill level. There are gloves for training and gloves for actual competitions. Check all the features necessary to guarantee your safety as well as that of your opponent’s. Also check the different brands and forms until you can gauge the main differences and pick the right one.

The Bag Boxing Glove

The bag glove is a common type of boxing equipment which is characterized by its sufficient padding that will protect the boxer’s fists when working on different types of bags. The gloves will weigh anywhere between 6 and 12 ounces. Fighters have to determine their style of fighting as well as have an idea on the power of their punches so that they can prevent scrapes, cuts and bruises when working on bags. The bag glove usually has a flat striking surface so that these will adequately and comfortably hit the bags. Try using a number of weights and observe the padding between brands.

The Sparring Boxing Glove

The sparring boxing glove is used for sparring matches as the name suggests. These are often required or recommended by coaches when trainees have attained a certain level in their training and will be qualified to practice with another individual.

Sparring gloves are generally heavy, weighing 14 to 18 ounces, depending on the fighter. The padding at the striking surface is also very thick, featuring 2 to 3 inches of foam to ensure that the other fighter does not get hurt by strong punches. The objective when using the sparring glove is to improve on your technique and not to hurt the opponent.

The Olympic Boxing Glove

The Olympic glove weighs 10 ounces and is required for official matches and tournaments. Half of the weight actually needs to be placed on the leather part of the equipment. The width must measure 14 to 16 centimeters and the length should be 20 centimeters. There should also be an extra cuff measuring 8 to 10 centimeters. Officials are very strict when it comes to these requirements. The gloves are usually sourced from a number of licensees authorized by the AIBA. Without these gloves, fighters will be disqualified from the competition.

The Professional Boxing Glove

The professional glove will vary in weight since these will be required according to the specific weight class that the person belongs to. The gloves will weigh anywhere from 8 to 16 ounces in most occasions. Weight divisions will be set for all professional fights and both fighters will be required to wear the same weight to guarantee a fair and equal fight. The gloves are lighter in this case so that fighters can make very fast and powerful blows. The padding is generally thin which explains the severity of punches and frequent knockouts among professional fighters, especially in the heavyweight division.

Buying a Boxing Glove

Determine which part of training you’re currently in so you can choose the perfect boxing gloves. Amateurs and beginners will only need the bag boxing gloves to work on bags and mitts. After several months, they will be required to get sparring gloves.

Some people will only need these two gloves throughout their training unless they’re boxing competitively. There are different types and styles to choose from. Several popular brands are present in sporting goods stores and the internet. Visit online forums and discussion boards then determine which gloves will be ideal for your current skill and training program.

You can easily buy a boxing glove from one of the many online stores. Compare the prices and read product reviews first before purchasing any of these. You will discover how the right fit and feel will improve your game significantly. Do not get loose gloves and expect the gloves to also loosen up after you use these for a few weeks. Many individuals can get a decent pair for under $50. Professional gloves will cost over $100 depending on the brand. Some people like to get a customized boxing glove too, featuring designs that reflect their personality and style of fighting well.