Boxing Gear - Tips for Buyers

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If you’re getting boxing gear for the first time or already have the basic instruments but are seriously thinking about getting more as well as upgrades, it’s recommended to compare sources and products first. There are different reasons why people get boxing gear. Some get into the sport to lose weight or stay fit. There are others who wish to learn some form of martial art to stay protected always. There are also a number of individuals who like to go through the different belts and stages. Here are some tips.

The Different Boxing Gear

Boxing gloves are the primary boxing gear that every person needs to have regardless of their current level. It is actually advised to have a pair of gloves ready during your first week of training. This is to ensure that cross-infection does not happen and you keep your hands safe from germs and other agents that usually come from using other people’s gloves. You can get a decent pair of boxing gloves for only $30 to $40.

Next, you also need to purchase hand wraps that will protect your hands well against a variety of injuries and potential problems. It is also recommended to have your own pair from the start to avoid contamination and good hygiene purposes.

Bag gloves are a different pair which is great for supplementing the current ones that you have. These are described as light hand protectors that are better used for hitting and practicing on punching bags. Bag gloves are slightly cheaper compared to standard ones, averaging $25 to $35.

Boxing Gear: Training for Strength

There are several kinds of boxing gear that will hone different aspects of your game. All individuals will be introduced to heavy bags which will improve your strength significantly. These weigh around 100 to 200 lbs and are ideal for absorbing power punches and other explosive strikes. The weight will depend on your current weight and punching ability. Many gyms have bags weighing 100 lbs or under. There are also light bags weighing 40 to 60 lbs. These are ideal for practicing jabs and for young and female trainees.

The speed bag is another important boxing gear that all boxers will be introduced to. The bag is filled with air, thereby bouncing as you hit this with your fists. The speed bag will be ideal for throwing fast and accurate punches. Hand-eye coordination will greatly be improved as you develop the right rhythm in hitting the bag. Make sure that you keep your elbows up at all times for consistency. Aside from coordination, many boxers gain strength and improve overall conditioning by spending some time on the speed bag or ball.

Boxing Gear: Training for Endurance

The jump rope is an indispensable piece of boxing gear that will hone your skills and improve your overall endurance and conditioning. Many boxers will increase their energy and stay alert longer during sparring sessions and training if they spend a lot of time using the jump rope.

Skipping rope should be done before or after training for 20 to 30 minutes. Some people count the total number of jumps per session, ranging anywhere from 100 to 1000. The key is to stay light on your feet and land on the balls of your feet. Using the jump rope frequently will also improve your footwork. Later on, you can learn more advanced forms of using the jump rope.

Boxing Gear: Safety Tools

Never neglect boxing gear that will ensure safety and protection at all times. There are different items to invest in such as protective headgear, shin guards, groin protector or shields and the mouthpiece.

The mouthpiece is required regardless of the current skill level and ability of the boxer. Get a mouthpiece that suits your teeth and mouth well. This will avoid injury and damage that can be done to your teeth, gums and tongue. The groin protector will also be great for preventing damage that can be done to your crotch. Ensure that the shield or cup is properly positioned and has the right size. When using any form of protective boxing gear, always guarantee that you have the right feel and fit to stay protected and move well.

Boxing Gear Based on Skill Level

The relative and required boxing gear will be recommended by coaches and trainers from the moment you enter the gym for the first time. There are so many choices available depending on the particular needs of the fighter. You will also be placed in the right weight class and will be tagged as a beginner, intermediate or advanced fighter. The number of protective items might gradually decrease as you progress through the stages.

Joining tournaments and boxing matches will also require certain boxing materials to guarantee the safety of both fighters in the ring. Fights for beginners will usually require the use of several protective gear like a head protector, body armor, joint guards or covers and crotch protectors. Make sure that you get the right size and fit for these.

Selecting the Right Brand of Boxing Gear

There are so many boxing gear companies and brands to choose from. Each of these has a certain number of specialties so be sure to get from a source that will help you move more comfortably inside the ring as well as matches your style of fighting. For example, some boxers prefer certain brands of gloves that evenly distribute the padding around the hands. Others like to have more padding in front at the point of contact. You can also pick the brand of boxing gear according to your budget.

There are some great brands that offer top quality gear without costing much. There are also others that particularly focus on a group, such as brands for kids or women. Browse a number of websites then look for the right places where you can adequately compare products and read reviews and feedbacks on the different available items. Find out how long the brand has been in business. You might also like to refer to your favorite professional boxers to determine the kinds of brands of boxing gear they use for added power, speed and endurance.