Boxing Equipment - The Basic and Advanced

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Whether you’re getting serious with your current training or intend to get involved in the sport of boxing, you will need the right boxing equipment.

There are so many types, styles and forms to choose from. Some of these are known as basic boxing equipment, while others will be required when you move up to the intermediate and advanced stages. It’s important to be familiar with these items so that you can pick the right one that suits your style, preference and budget. Here is an overview of both basic and advanced tools.

The Basic Boxing Equipment: The Shorts

Starters will need the basic boxing equipment, namely boxing gloves and boxing shorts. During training, fighters will most likely be wearing a t-shirt or sleeveless shirt. It’s important to wear the proper boxing shorts so that you can get used to the material and know the proper places to hit or block.

The right boxing shorts will go down to the knees or a couple of inches beyond. The waist area will also feature a 4-inch belt which will inform fighters not to hit below it. The belt is positioned at the navel. The boxing shorts should be snug and allow proper movement. Try doing a few defensive stances and moving forward and back and then laterally. Feel the cloth and material. Make sure that the crotch area is snug but not too tight. It should have enough room for the groin cup or guard.

The Basic Boxing Equipment: The Gloves

The boxing gloves are considered as the most important boxing equipment. Generally, people cannot fight, train or spar without these. Individuals should invest in good quality boxing gloves made of leather or synthetic leather and properly padded by foam or gel. There are a number of good brands to choose from. Coaches recommend that beginners use the Velcro-closure at the wrists for added convenience.

Professional boxers usually prefer the laced-up type for added snugness and stability. When choosing gloves, you have to pick the right size and weight. These are not always correlative to each other. Put the gloves on and make sure that these are snug but not too tight. Very loose gloves can lead to sprains, fractures and other related injuries. Practice using a number of gloves first then have your coach recommend the right size and weight for training and sparring.

Boxing Equipment: For Protection

Boxing equipment is usually categorized according to function. Beginners should focus on protective devices that will prevent injury and improve their defensive style and form. Some of the things that you can invest in include protective headgear, hand wraps, foot wraps, shin guards, elbow and knee supports or braces, kicking shoes or pads, mouth guards, crotch guards and body armor or vests. Vests are not very common but are particularly recommended for beginners and children.

The boxing equipment you invest in will depend on the recommendations of the coach and the rules of the club or gym. Some clubs will only allow a number of protective devices. Once you move up to the intermediate or advanced stages, you might be required to take off all protective devices, including the headgear, leaving you only with a mouth guard, the boxing gloves, boxing shorts and boxing shoes.

Boxing Equipment: For Technique

There are plenty of boxing equipment specifically made to improve your style of fighting and technique. You can practice a variety of punches and combinations with the aid of a heavy bag, hanging bag, banana bag, teardrop bag, speed bag or speed ball, double-ended ball, focus mitts, shields, body or torso bag and strike mats. All these are intended to absorb very powerful hits and strikes. The bags, mitts and shields are protected with foam padding or are filled inside with sand, air or cloth to absorb the impact.

Individuals can train for power, strength, speed, endurance and technique using the different training tools. There are special bags and mitts intended to improve specific punches such as uppercuts, hooks and combinations. The torso or body bag resembles the shape of an actual human being so that the boxer can train properly and improve his accuracy when throwing punches.

Improving Defense with Boxing Equipment: Focus Mitts

Focus mitts are a special type of boxing equipment because these provide actual simulation to the boxer. With the aid of an assisting coach or trainer, the fighter can be taught a variety of combinations. He can throw punches, block, shift, evade and do combinations because the mitts are almost similar to fighting in a real ring. It requires experience and training for the assisting person to properly hone the skills and technique of the boxer.

Focus mitts will allow the boxer to incorporate the proper stance and move around the ring properly, at the same time practicing a variety of punches and blocks. There are several drills and activities that use focus mitts. These are very effective for building endurance.

The Cost of Boxing Equipment

Individuals will find a variety of boxing equipment at relatively affordable prices. Many of the reputable manufacturers and companies will offer a wide array of styles, types and forms, depending on the needs and budget of boxers.

There are boxing gloves that offer good quality and construction at only $40 to $50. Protective equipment like headgear, guards, boxing shoes and shorts are under $50. Punching bags, shields and pads are generally the expensive ones, costing over $100, although these are very good investments that will last for several years.

Search the web for some of the best places to acquire top quality boxing equipment. You will find a number of sources online that can provide discounts and other free items, depending on what you’re buying and the available promos. Also visit a number of online discussion boards and boxing forums to get familiar with the top brands.

Read product reviews and comparisons so you can get the best items every time. Shipping rates and fees will differ depending on the source. Delivery will usually take 3 to 7 days depending on your location. Be sure to buy only from trusted and proven sellers.